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7 Tips to Ready Your Home for the Spring Market



Home Tips for the Spring Market

The spring market is around the corner. Many people wait to sell their home in the spring months of the year, April, May and June. The months of July and August are when most people in the Pittsburgh area take their vacation, heading to the beach!

If you are planning on selling your home this spring, here are 7 “to do’s” you don’t want to skip before it hits the market.

1. Wash those windows.

Make sure you scrub those dirty windows from the dirt build up of the winter. We recommend Dawn dish soap. You can also clean the glass with a mix of vinegar and water and wipe with newspaper for a no-streak clean.


2. Wipe down 

Don't forget to wipe down those drapes and blinds. Don’t forget to wipe down those ceiling fan blades as well. 


3. Work on Curb Appeal

Make sure to plant fresh flowers with a lot of colors. Curb appeal is very important as it’s the first time potential buyers are seeing the home. First impressions are everything. 


4. De clutter 

Make sure you de clutter the garage and shed. When potential buyers are walking through, they want to see that you are well organized with your stuff. Don’t let these areas slip away. 


5. Minor repairs

Put yourself together a tiny repairs list. Check all faucets and drains and make sure there are no leaks. If you are including appliances in your sale, make sure they are functioning properly. 


6. Light bulb check

Before you list your home, check all of your light bulbs in each room and outside and make sure none are burned out. 


7. Tidy up closets

When potential buyers are walking through a home they want to see ample closet space. You should make your closets look as large as possible. Throw those board games and LEGO toys in the attic. 


Follow these tips to make your home the most appealing on the block! 

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